Though the word ‘Balkans’ is something that may drive one into thinking about a dark history of wars and conflict, there has been a huge improvement here. The worst is over, and the only thing that would welcome visitors here is the beauty in store in its nations. This may not be the first one to be considered in planning a European trip, but these countries have improved and developed so much since the dark days.

The Balkan Peninsula in Europe’s southeast is composed of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, and Serbia (The territories located outside the Balkan Peninsula are Italy, Slovenia, and Turkey). Here are some of the things that you’ll be able to see and experience when you go on a trip to the Balkans, where different cultures of nations come together to give you another side of Europe worth exploring. Below are some of the things that await you here.


Bulgaria‘s Mountains

Hiking is one of the things that is excellent to do in Bulgaria, and with the amazing peaks and stunning scenery in store, you will surely have the best time exploring nature here. Some of the best ones are the Balkan Mountains, Pirin Mountains, and the Rila Mountains.

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Croatia‘s Dubrovnik

This is a famous Mediterranean tourist getaway, and just by looking at the images, you’ll already know why. This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that has all vacation-related things you’ll love: the beaches of Banje and Lapad, museums, and the historical churches.


Skiing in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Lots of ski resorts are in store here, and you’d be surprised that they’re relatively cheaper than most ski resorts. They were hosts to the 1984 Winter Olympics, so you’re in for amazing slopes.


Castles of Romania

Romania is home to many beautiful architecture like the Hunedoara Castle and Peles Palace, but the most famous one is the Bran Castle or “Dracula’s Castle,” a fortress that is recognized as the home of the Bram Stoker classic character.


Historical structures in Prizren, Kosovo

If you’re into amazing architectural and cultural wonders, this is a part of Kosovo that you simply must not miss. Prizren is known for its beautiful baths, churches, mosques, and fortresses. The ones that you must not miss are the Sinan Pasha Mosque, the St. George Cathedral, the Gazi Mehmet Pasha Hammam, and the Mosque of Kuklibeu.


Exploring the Serbia‘s Historic and Bustling Capital

The city of Belgrade in Serbia is an amazing place to explore because it’s dotted with both historic and new attractions. Hang out for a cup of coffee at the Knez Mihailova Street, see the Old Royal Palace and the White Palace, and walk around Republic Square.


Have you traveled to the Balkans before? Or are you planning on having a trip on this side of the world soon? It would be very difficult to tackle all the wonderful things these places have to offer in one article, so share with us your experiences if you can—we’d love to hear more stories about this place!

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