I have always wanted to travel backpack alone to explore to the other countries that I have not been to but yet I am still not ready as I dont have enough money put by yet… this is very important for starting a trip.

But for sure I will try this one day to travel solo for 3months or 6months or maybe 1 year. I can’t wait that one day to come…

Well, as I girl myself, it’s very important to know some essentials before starting a solo trip…  Here is some of the travel tips which I have gather from my past non-solo trips and from the news which I heard from the locals when I travel…
** Hope it helps **

Find out what the customs are before you go and take them seriously – you wouldn’t want to offend anyone when you travel alone to somewhere you go for the first time.

Dress modestly; especially when you are in conservative countries – it shows respect to the local there if you dress appropriately and it will avoid any misleading to the men there (most importantly).

Do not accept lifts from strangers – you will never know where you will be ended up.

If traveling at night, always stay in well-lit areas and be in places with many people – at least strangers will not dare to make a move in well-lit areas or crowded places.

Keep alert at all the time; make sure no-one follows you – bring along pepper-spray or pen-knife and make sure you put it in your pocket, no point putting in your bag when the stalker grab your bag first.

Don’t sit in empty train cars and if you are a woman  traveller, and if possible sit next to a woman rather than a man.

Scream as loud as possible if anyone is harassing you. Even if no-one comes to your aid, it will help in getting them to back off.

Don’t accept food or drink from anyone as it may be drugged and you could become the victim of sexual assault or robbery.

If catching taxis, use registered or metered taxis where possible. If they’re un-metered, then settle on a price before – you won’t want to pay more than you should be. If possible, share a taxi. This is common in the Middle East.

Get someone at your hotel to write down your destination in the local language in case the taxi driver doesn’t speak your language – especially if English is not common in their country.

Make sure you have embassy contact details for your country – Just in case if you lost your passport/visa, you may have some assistance from them.

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