If you’ve seen the 1994 film Only You, you’d most likely remember this place—the small town that has drove a woman named Faith (Marisa Tomei) to Postiano, all for her search of what she believes is true love. A story of complications and love ensues.

Scenes from this movie were shot in Postiano, a town in the Amalfi coast (about an hour and a half away from Naples, by car). Italy known for its many scenic locations with the most amazing views and stunning architecture that cannot be found anywhere else, and this coastal town is certainly a must-visit for those on a holiday.

Visitors can choose from two beaches here: the Spiaggia Grande, the main beach that has a ferry port and an interesting crowd, a splendid view, and different water activities; and the Fornillo, where it’s more quiet and relaxed (this is advisable for the ones who prefer a more intimate setting).

One of the most important attractions in this place is the church of Santa Maria Assunta, which has a very interesting story: Legend says that there was a boat that was beached in the area. In the ship was a painting of the Virgin Mary, from which the captain heard a voice saying “posa, posa” (which traslates to “put/set me down”). The captain obeyed this, and the ship floated miraculously. The storm stopped when the icon was carried to the fishing village.

This church is also the best spot to catch a great view of villas built by the Ancient Romans, and there’s also a dome made of majolica tiles, an art style practiced during the Renaissance period.

Visitors should also expect a lot of unwinding in this place. Since the beach is one of the places to enjoy a cold drink, there are many spots in this island that serve the most refreshing cocktails and the best wines amidst a relaxing setting. If you want to get a great view of the sea while you dance and enjoy your favorite drink, try Music on the Rocks, a dance club that features the best DJs. If it’s a more laid-back setting you’re looking for, the Next2 bar located near the Grotto of Fornillo is the best place to stay.

To enjoy the majestic views, take a ferry trip to Paestum, a Greek settlement of doric temples or the island and breathtaking coastal resort of Capri in Naples.

You will surely be able to bring unique stuff home to family and friends, for this is also a great place for shopping. You can buy the best silk products and colorful tiles as well as the Limoncello, a liqueur produced in Nales and islands of Ischia and Capri in the many colorful boutiques.

So whether you’re feeling like Marisa Tomei searching for her soulmate or simply someone looking for a new place of the most magnificent coastal scenery, Postiano is the place to be. It is calmer than most Italian spots for vacation, and rest assured you will be able to get the holiday you deserve.

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