Hello All!

I’m Larry D. Lucky and i’m writing this blog post to announce a great and fun contest for Dhr.com social network members.

This week between 4th of April and 11st of April, only one tweet will be posted to announce the campaign. Every retweeters who followed dhr.com twitter will be counted in to have a chance to win $150 coupon. Next week, ten interesting and fun tweets will be entered, i’m also starting to tell about it.

Steps are easy of course.

  • Just follow us!
  • Retweet the dhr.com’s indicated tweets.
  • Colloborate with your friends at facebook.
  • Win the Prize $150!

We as Dhr.com will specify interesting topics weekly and 10 tweets will be sent related this subject. I’ll write the terms, conditions and rules here shortly after i tell its easy steps.

Follow, DHR.com twitter from the adress http://twitter.com/dhrcom . Leave mention “Count me in dhr.com” to be listed in the Contest. (Full tweet: “@dhrcom Count me in dhr.com) So we’ll list you in the “Sweet Retweet” list to follow you in the contest period. If you don’t know twitter we’ll simply help you and it’ll be our pleasure to incorporate.

The rule is very easy in fact. I’ll set down interesting topics each week. The total tweet count to be retweeted is 10. We’ll put #dhrcom hashtag to specify them. After you retweeted all of them like we easily observe that, we’ll put your names on facebook poll application. This is the step you need to like Dhr.com Facebook page from http://facebook.com/dhrcom. Then voting starts. The time schedule is;

Monday 12:30 pm GMT+2 : Tweets will be sent. 10 Tweets will be sent during the weekdays.

Friday 12:30 pm GMT+2: Weekly contest period ends.

Friday 13:30 pm GMT+2: Voting Starts

Next Monday 09:30 pm GMT+2 Voting Ends.

And this will continue every week, and every week the leader will get $150 discount!

Wait! Top Ten will be prized by me. I’ll give %10 discount code also from my twitter account. http://twitter.com/larrydlucky.


Rules, Terms and Conditions

1 – You need to follow http://twitter.com/dhrcom and like http://facebook.com/dhrcom

2 – Mention dhr.com twitter account “count me in dhr.com” to be tracked and checked easily.  You’ll be included in the contest twitter list.

3 – Just retweet the tweets of dhr.com twitter account with the #dhrcom hashtag. 2 tweets will be posted from Monday to Friday and there will be 10 tweets each week to be retweeted.

4 – A link will be provided to find the old tweets with #dhrcom.

5 – Campaign will be repeated weekly and voting process will be done in facebook page.

6- The Person who got the most vote will be prized with $150 and first ten in the poll will be rewarded by Larry D. Lucky with 10% Discount.

7 – If the attendants are less than 20, the contest is repeated following week with only one tweet.

8 – Participators will be able to win the prize once in a month.

9 – The Prize and discounts must be used in three months.

10 – Contest Period will start on Monday 12:30 pm GMT +2 and finish on Friday 12:30 pm.

11 – Voting will start on Friday 13:30 pm and finish on Monday 09:30 am.

12 – Dhr.com reserve the right to update these terms at any time.

13 – Dhr.com employees can not play.

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