Where to holiday to get the best value for your pound ?

With the pound weak against the EURO and with summer approaching, the question on everyone’s lips is ‘’ Where to holiday to get the best value for money’’

Well, while the £ is weak against the € it is strong against the Turkish Lira. At today’s rate your pound will give you 2.50 Turkish Lira so you will get plenty or Lira for your £!

Bodrum and the peninsula is a popular resort and if you go during the summer months then you are likely to rub
shoulders with the rich and famous of Turkey. Popular singers such as Sezen Akzu and Hülya Avşar choose Bodrum
as their favourite holiday resort.

Check this bargain out… A central hotel in Bodrum Town in a new 3* hotel for 2 people including breakfast for
just £12.50 per person per night in a twin or Double room


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