Copenhagen is known as one of the most enjoyable cities of Europe. The city is located on the island of Zealand and it is a link between Scandinavia and mainland Europe.

The magazine, Monocle, listed Copenhagen first in their Top 25 most liveable cities list in 2008 and the city was awarded as the “Best Design city”.

You can find many things to do and see in this vibrant city! The city is rich in history, full of action at nights and has a delicious cuisine with lovely people. If you don’t have so much time to visit all of them, you can have a look on my top 5 list J

My Top 5

The Little Mermaid

The famous writer, Hans Christian Andersen wrote a fairy tale about the Little Mermaid, then Disney produced the movie, and Copenhagen maintains a statue in her honour.

The Little Mermaid is still to be the most popular tourist attraction in Denmark and one of the most photographed statues in the world.

Amalienborg Palace

Amalienborg Palace, the royals’ winter residence, is a main architectural work and probably the most striking piece of Rococo architecture in Denmark.
Amalienborg has 4 palaces and it was originally conceived as town mansions for families of the nobility at the beginning of the 1750’s. The Royal Guard is on duty for 24 hours at the Amalienborg Palace.

Tivoli Gardens

Tivoli Gardens is the highly popular amusement park. The park was founded in 1843. It is a beautiful, romantic park in the trees that create a unique, lovely atmosphere. Tivoli has first-class restaurants and stages for entertainment such as concerts and theatre.

Tivoli is only few minutes walk from the City Hall Square in the centre of Copenhagen. Traditions in the form of an original pantomime theatre dating back to 1874, and brand new thrilling rides such as The Deamon a three-loop roller coaster, The Golden Tower with a fabulous view and a very fast drop! The Monsoon – may the G-force be with you! and many more.

Looking for entertainment? There are rock concerts every Friday on the open air stage and classical music, ballet and international performances at the Tivoli Concert Hall with a huge aquarium.

The National Museum

Always looking for learning more? You should visit the National Museum to learn more about Danes history to the present day and you can also get around the world from Greenland to South America.

You just need to take a free do-it-yourself guide from the Information and find your way around the museum more easily. The National Museum’s audio guide in both English and Danish is a transportable CD player with headphones.

Canal Tour

Shouldn’t leave  Copenhagen without taking a canal tour on the old canals of this wonderful city. You can both take a trip to all parts of the city and see the main attractions.

- Canal tours : 60 minutes guided tour of the harbour and the canals.

- The Netto boats : 60 minutes guided tour of the harbour and the canals.

- The Water bus : Without guides, touring between the coasts of the two islands of Sealand and Amager.

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