The world’s largest passenger plane is due to start flying from London in March 2008. Let’s have a quick look at the aircraft and its facts and figures
27 April 2005 Saw the A380s maiden flight from Toulouse-Blagnac International Airport
15 October 2007 Saw the first A380 being delivered to Singapore Airlines

The A380 burns 17 per cent less fuel per seat than any of the other large aircraft in use today. Low fuel burn means lower CO2 emissions.

Low-noise attributes mean that the A380 is significantly quieter than other large aircraft and greatly cuts down on runway noise during take off. The plane is not only quieter on the outside but also the inside greatly enhancing the comfort of its passengers.

The A380 aircraft can accommodate a total of 555 seats in 3 classes and on 2 decks though the number of seats can be reduced and the areas used for rest and bars etc can be increased. If the plane is used solely for economy class then the plane can seat 853

If you want to visit an Airbus factory then you will be interested to know that tours are organised at the Airbus main factories in Toulouse and Hamburg

Airbus has received 189 orders for its A380 plane and Singapore airlines have already been delivered two of the A380 planes. Singapore airlines will start daily return flights between London Heathrow and Singapore in March 2008. Flights between Singapore and Sydney are already in operation.

The first A380 flight to London will leave Singapore’s Changi Airport on the 18 March 2008, at 09:00 hrs and arrive at London’s Heathrow Airport at 15:05 hrs local timings

On the same day, the aircraft will return to Singapore, leaving Heathrow at 18:55 hrs, and arriving back into Singapore at 15:35 hrs the next day

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