The week of April 15-21 marks a time for people to celebrate and encourage new ideas and use their imagination to improve their lives and to make the world around them a better place to live in.

It started in May 2001 when Marci Segal read a headline in Canada’s National Post Newspaper that made such a huge impact on her. The headline read: “Canada in Creativity Crisis. Study” and because of this, she got together with other Canadian creativity professionals and initiated a worldwide celebration of creativity and innovation. According to Marci Segal, the purpose of the celebration is to make people aware that humans are creative by nature, and that they can use their creativity to improve their lives, their work, and their community. The event was officially celebrated in 2002, and now, nine years since it was initiated, it is now celebrated in more than 100 communities in over 40 countries all over the globe. The start of World Creativity and Innovation week falls on the 15th of April, which also happens to be Leonardo da Vinci’s birthday, every year.

Anyone can join in on the fun. The event makes no restrictions on age, race, gender, religion, nationality, or sex. Everyone can make a positive difference and build a brighter future by using new ideas and making new decisions. The only rule is to do no harm.

The event encourages everyone, from all walks of life and ages to participate. Schools may participate by encouraging students and teachers to engage in activities that promote and open new ways of thinking; businesses could use the event to foster a culture of innovation in their workplace, and friends may even get together to do new activities.

The world celebrates World Creativity and Innovation week in different ways; in fact, here are just a few examples of how the event has celebrated:

In Sydney, Australia they will be holding a Mandala Day on April 21st which includes a course and a practice for the community

In Los Angeles, California, they are organizing an event that would get people to contribute ideas for Earth Day

In Buenos Aires, along Quijote highway, artists, local businesses, and shops are invited to participate in creative activities.

In Argentina a group of schools created a combined artwork using the internet, and the students also aired a radio show that focused on the importance of creativity week.

The event is fueled by the innovation mindset which encourages people to think about new ways of doing things. Some of its tips include the following: thinking outside of the box, asking questions that haven’t been asked, making new connections, questioning the status quo, and learning something new.

The World Creativity and Innovation Week started as a small idea that ballooned into a huge event that certainly made an impact and paved the way for innovators and artists alike to contribute to making a difference. Do you have any ideas for making the world a better place?


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